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Find the latest trends and daily deals so you'll never miss a chance to save

Collect Moments of Joy (MoJos) at the store

Easy ways to earn:


MoJos for just walking in


MoJos for purchases


Redeem Anywhere


Redeem for your favourite gift card


Win amazing free products

Blue Unicorn MoJo

mojo best deals

Best Deals

The latest top offers from retailers

mojo notifications


Never miss a deal with our location-based notifications


Top Retailers

Deals from the most popular retailers

Reedem from Phone

Deals and Coupons redeemed right from your phone

You Choose

You decide which deals you want to see


Interact with shoppers, share saving tips & tricks

What our users say

I use the free app BLUE UNICORN all the time. The app lets you earn “MoJos” which are basically points that you can trade in for gift cards. Once you earn a certain amount of points, you can trade them in for gift cards to places of your choice, like Amazon or Starbucks. It’s AWESOME!

BLUE UNICORN is now topping my list of Favorite Free Ways To Earn Free Money. I always check my Blue Unicorn app before we go inside somewhere now so that I can earn “MoJos". Like, I earn them for walking into Starbazaar, which is somewhere I am going anyways so why not, right?

"You're in a hurry. You rush to the store without taking the time to comb through your e-mail to find that missing coupon...and you end up being gouged at the checkout counter for absolutely no reason at all. Blue Unicorn has a better way of saving our money - The mobile app is a virtual shopping companion scouting out the best deals at your favorite stores all the time. Wherever you are, whenever you're ready to save.” I Loved it

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