How the consumers’ habits are changing thanks to the Smartphone

The arrival of the smartphone has radically changed the new millennial consumers’ habits.

Initially it was hard to find the most wanted product but now in a click you can quickly get the right information and make the purchase.

It’s now fundamental for the Retailer to approach the mobile technology in order to get closer to his clients, boosting their engagement and consequently increase his business.

On last 6th of April, during the seminar “Engagement & Drive to Store” in Milan, the mobile users’ behaviour has been analyzed, aiming to find the right tool to make more innovative the selling strategy.

All the collected data are confirming the trend: the smartphone is the tool more used for the shopping. Indeed up to

  • 77% of all the users usually purchase through their smartphone,
  • 34% of them prefers it compared to pc looking for information or for shopping.
  • More than 69% of mobile surfer declare to be interested in receiving offers close to a store via SMS or notifications.

Smartphone’s features to get in touch with consumers: There are many smartphone features useful for the retailer to increase the engagement of users. Unfortunately these are not always on because it’s common thought that are very battery and data consuming and negative for the privacy protection.

Instead functionalities such as Wi-fi, geo-localization and Bluetooth if used consciously could play an important role in the process to increase the engagement of a mobile strategy.

Look at the most valuable data:

  • There are 20,6 million mobile surfers
  • 88% spend time on-line and in-app
  • 2 hours: time daily spent online
  • 77% uses mobile device for purchase journey
  • 10% of users uses just the smartphone
  • 40% of users is replacing pc with smartphone
  • 34% uses just the mobile device to purchase
  • 68% of users has the wifi always on
  • 37% of users has the geolocalization always on
  • 19% of users has the bluetooth always on

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