Customers in Real-Time

Reaching your customer today with the right message at the right time and place is vital. Blue Unicorn i s a powerful mobile proximity marketing platform to reach customers where they are most likely to be engaged; namely at the "Zero Moment of Truth"

As a Business Owner you are now able to execute location and proximity engagement based on customer preference on mobile phones to enable people-based marketing in real-time in and around your premises.

Mobile Push Notifications

The best way is the most direct way. Go direct to your customers' mobile devices.

The Message Cloud delivers real-time mobile push notifications, tailored by customer segment and triggered by time or location. You can do this whenever and wherever you choose but the result is always the same - increased brand interaction and customer loyalty.

Pinpoint your customer right down to micro-location

Bring locations to life with personalized, contextual messages within or near your store, shopping center, event, airport, hospital, or city location.

Identify customers using proximity technology such as geofences, and access points

Target in-store customers down to the nearest shelf

Maximize engagement by knowing when, where, why, and how the customers are interacting with your location and brand.

Drive in-store traffic and sales

Speed up your customer's time to purchase with real-time offers.

Target customers in buying mode with the perfect offer as they approach your store

Recommend products based on real-time changes in your customer's location, stock availability or weather

Increase footfall with time-based offers

Build long-term loyalty

Give your brand a voice with real-time push messaging personalized to each customer.

Bring back customers who've left your store without purchasing

Promote time-based offers to create urgency

Convert visitors into buyers faster with targeted calls-to-actions

Launch campaigns in under a minute

Intuitive technology that's made for marketers.

Create proximity-based campaigns in under a minute

Use Blue Unicorn to launch your campaigns and reach more customers than ever before

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